Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well he won't, but I will! Here's some great summer reading, straight from the 'New York Tymes' bestseller list that I write down each week on the back of take-out menus. Don't forget: reading is fundamental and books will never be replaced, especially not with digital devices that you can store 1,000 of titles in and you can download directly from your amazon account.

Let's begin with a couple of my go-to beach reads. Words that come to mind- "Proustian", "Dickensian" and "Dostoevskyian" and "Grisham-y".

(This book was so informative and entertaining. Not only did I learn that Eskimo's have 1,000000000 different words for snow, but they also dress like psychedelic wizards and want to invade America. Nice.)

The following are books that I recently acquired from a quaint little stoop bookstore (free of charge if you can believe that!). I am also now the proud owner of a broken printer and a size 11 men's sneaker. But enough bragging about my windfall. On to the literature.
Question: Who would YOU rather go to if you had a life-threatening gunshot wound to the face that required immediate medical attention? Me? I choose...

This guy.

And this place

We can't have a blog about summer reading without including 'chick-lit', and here's one of my favorite romance novels. Just imagine "The Notebook" if there were cartoon boobs on every 2nd page.

Another classic... brings to mind "Wuthering Heights". And Chapter 5 of "The Notebook" ( Pagan Lesbian Orgy)

If you've never read "The Notebook" just read this. It's pretty much exactly the same book.

2 MUST READS! As a professional surgeon, I know pretty much everything about blood. This book was a major wake-up call.

And as a professional Christian, I find Satan to be off-putting. That said, this book changed my life ( I haven't read it but the cover picture speaks a thousand words that I haven't read).

I've always felt like the word "Caviar" sounds like an expression aliens would use, right before taking over our planet on account of our primitive "Primal Urges".

More educational reading...

-It's not just for gingers. Also for people with freckles

What? They are like, 80,000 miles from heaven! LOL! This book is hilariously, woefully, tragically ignorant. I suggest reading "Space Hospital" instead. Amen.


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