Tuesday, November 16, 2010


An ancient curse is unleashed. (Maybe somebody opened a jar, or a book? Not a jar... a bottle. Not a genie bottle. Are you kidding?) Lets just say a book. The new Keith Richards biography. The curse causes the apocalypse, zombies run amok. Lucifer turns out to be a scientist making a cure for cancer but actually its a cancer recipe. There’s a baby that is born to an Alien serial killer but the baby turns out to be just a normal baby. Hades is played by Harry Dean Stanton, and there should be a painting that vomits blood. The whole movie is in claymation and the soundtrack will be by my niece playing a harpsichord with missing keys.

A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

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  1. I especially like the claymation part. Too bad I'm not in showbiz. The obsessive clapping is a very nice touch.